Daily Archives: July 14, 2011

Tattoos — or is it tatoos

Tattoos interest me.  I have come to realize that most people get them for a specific reason or to commemorate someone or something.  It took me more than 60 years to figure out all this.

One of the nightmares of tattooing is words that are misspelled.  A blog I read regularly is called Ugliest Tattoos.  It came to mind when I saw a recent ad on Craiglist for a tattoo business–or at least a guy who does tats.  He said in the short paragraph that he charges by the “peace.”  I don’t know the price of peace but I assume it is high.  I would be sure my next tattoo is by someone who know the difference between peace and piece.  YIKES!

Turns out spelling and tattoos don’t always go together.

In general, it seems some tattoo artists can’t tell when to use your vs. you are. Same goes for lose and loose.  A few got inked when they didn’t know that “To young to die” is not grammatically correct.

Other made up tattoo words include tomarrow, tradgety, juge and choise.

On the Ugliest Tattoo sight there are pictures of someone who got the Serenity Prayer on their side   Part of it said “to except the things I cannot change.” Another had a female declaring herself a “contry girl.”

Other spelling blunders on tattoos include an extra L in faithfulness, misspelling truly (adding an E), tacking a leading W or reckless.  One poor chap declared on large letters on his back that he was AWSOME!

Today’s www.wordsbybob.com words of wisdom are to take a dictionary with you when you get a tattoo.

Piece out baby!