Channel waste–What is it?

Channel waste?    I am always on the alert for new words or phrases.   They can be written or spoken.

I have heard a radio commercial for Dish Network recently where they reference “channel waste.”  What the heck is this?

When I Google (is google really a verb?) channel waste, only one hit come up.
that is the one for Dish.

ANYWAY – it seems channel waste is the channels you never use when you get a “bundle” of them from your cable provider. For example, I may get the Golf Channel, but I never watch it so this is channel waste.

I am sure there are other channels, like the shopping networks, that I am “wasting.”

When I first heard about channel waste, my mind thought of channel waist. This could be a condition one gets from watching all this television shows for hours, and remaining inert.

So, if someday you hear a comment about someone’s body, and they say they have channel waist, remember you heard it here first.


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