Wordsbybob is up for an award

My blog www.wordsbybob.com has been nominated by www.grammar.net in their Best Grammar Blog of 2011 contest.    

I am honored, and now I need YOUR VOTE.

If you enjoy what I have to say here, please go to


You can vote for me there.  The nominees (all 78) are in alphabetic order, so I am third from the last.

Thanks in advance, and please share this with others.

Bob McDonnell


2 responses to “Wordsbybob is up for an award

  1. Now that the voting has begun, you are 5th! Wo-Hoo! Wish I could vote again … you deserve this nod to your abilities, Bob!

  2. Thanks for the support MJ. It is going to be tough to get enough votes to make the top three.