Mondegreens — even more

Mondegreens were the subject of my last blog post.

It seemed to be popular, so I dug up some items from Saturday Night Live. Why SNL? Well I think Emily Litella (played by Gilda Radner) were some excellent examples of mondegreens.

As a reminder–A mondegreen is defined as the mishearing or misinterpretation of a phrase in a way that gives it and new meaning. The mishearing is usually not very plausible. SNL was great at this.

Radner would go into a tirade on about some topic. Eventually, the newsperson would interrupt her to point out her error.

Topics she ranted (incorrectly about) included:

the “deaf “penalty (death)

the “eagle” rights amendment (equal)

saving Soviet “jewelry” (jewry)

endangered “feces” (species)

presidential “erections ” (elections)

conserving our natural racehorses (resources)

“violins on television” (violence)

China pouring money into canker research (cancer)

youth in Asia (euthanasia)

sax [on television   (sex)

making Puerto Rico a steak   (state)

Good ol’ Emily would end by saying, “Never mind!”



7 responses to “Mondegreens — even more

  1. I miss her, too. This was one of the best bits they did back in the day @ SNL. Thanks for the trip down memory lane, and a few smiles along the way.

  2. Are you old enough to remember her? HA

  3. loved this 😀 never heard of “mondegreen “

  4. Thanks for that walk down memory lane (though Emily might call it mammary lane).I loved that character. But I think her name was Emily Litella. Anyhoo, I enjoyed this post!

  5. Thanks for realing my posts Laura. I follow terriblwrite too. Your correctino has been noted and made.

  6. Laura I will have to check your blog now to see if I am on it. HA

  7. Smiling…Gilda Radner…a comedic gem. Loved her back in the early days of SNL. Have often used her catch phrase – “never mind” – over the years myself.