Briefly ranting

Okay, word people of the world, it’s time for this blogger to dust of his soapbox and do a slight rant.  Listen up class, today’s topic is the word debrief (and brief, too.)

The generally accepted definitions of the term debrief include:

To question to gather information, usually after a completed mission or to
carefully review upon completion.

This word is not the same as briefing.

In many instances, such briefings and debriefings are of  military or law enforcement nature.

For example, at most police departments, the oncoming crew has a briefing to
tell them the latest on what is going on in their city or town. Conversely,
pilots usually do a debriefing after the complete a mission.

When I was in the Air Force and on a missile launch crew, we had a
briefing of all crews before we went out to the Atlas E missile sites. After a
full shift, there was a brief debriefing for all involved too.

Why do I mention this, and why is it my rant of the day.  Well, in today’s local newspaper there was a
story about a haunted house being held at a historic site in town.  In the article, it said that people going on
the scary tour had to sit down for a debriefing before they did the tour.

In my mind, there was nothing to debrief since they had not had the experience
yet.  They may have been briefed on the
tour, the history of the site, etc. but that is a briefing.

I know it is nitpicking, but hey, I feel better.

Oh- I am sure some of my astute and comically minded readers will
let me know that briefs are also underwear.
There, I beat you to it.


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