Nefarious Can you pass the test?

Do you know what nefarious meansDefinition of nefarious

Nefarious is a word that I had not heard for a while. It came up a couple of weeks ago as I was going through the TSA security check at Denver International Airport.

As I was standing in the x-ray scanner, the gentlemen from TSA asked me if I had my wallet in my pocket.  Busted!  After removing my shoes and belt, taking my keys, change and phone out of my pockets, I forgot. Oh, I also had removed my jacket and put the small (legal-sized) bottle of contact cleaner on top of my briefcase in its plastic bag.

The guy from TSA was very nice and cordial. Maybe it was because we were leaving from Concourse A that is less busy.

Anyway, I pulled my wallet out to show him. His question to me in a light-hearted manner was, “Do you have anything nefarious in it?”  After telling him I did not, he asked me if I knew what nefarious meant.  I said, “Yes I do.  I am a writer.”

There was no further quiz, and my family and I were off to see Mickey and Minnie at Disneyland.

If you are checked by airport security, and get asked the question, here are some words that define nefarious:

Villainous, extremely wicked, a transgression or something criminal in nature.  ,

Comes from the Latin word nefarius. Broken down it is from ne (not) and fas (right.)

Synonyms include immoral, iniquitous, sinful, unlawful and unethical.


4 responses to “Nefarious Can you pass the test?

  1. Thank you for sharing your posts they are a treasure and I appreciate and am grateful for them… Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Thanks iamforchange You have a great day too.

  3. Did you ask him if he knew what it meant? Some use big words and have no idea what they mean. Makes me laugh when that happens. Hope Minnie and Mickie were good to you and yours.

  4. Sherry I make it a practice to usually say “Yes sir” and “No sir” to the TSA people. I did want to be delayed and searched.
    We had a great time. Seeing the grandkids enjoying it was priceless.