Obsolete word or not?

Obsolete words are the topic of today’s post. I have to credit lots of people for this idea, since it is not my own. (I sure like it when people credit my blog if the quote from it.)

First of all, I found the start of this idea on the Facebook page called Let’s Eat Grandma or Let,s Eat, Grandma.

Anne Shuster posted about an article titled 20 Obsolete Words That Should Make a Comeback.  It was posted in matadornetwork.com   Originally, the words were in Words are from Erin McKean’s two-volume series: Weird and Wonderful Words and Totally Weird and Wonderful Words.

The article highlights many words that the author likes.  One that caught my eye was kench.  Their definition said kench is a verb meaning to laugh loudly.

Dictionary.com notes that kench means a deep bin for salting animal skins of fish.

So, try to work this into your conversation. Maybe the word will make a comeback.


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