Foray What does it mean?

Foray?   The word foray came up in a discussion the other day.  I think many people aer using it incorrectly.   

Foray definition: a sudden attack, to maraud, pillage or raid. It also used to mean to ravage in search of spoils.

Sometimes, I hear it used to try something like foray into a new area of business.  Only one online dictionary referenced this use of foray.  It said it could mean to explore something unfamiliar or try something new like an occupation or activity.

How do you use the word?

2 responses to “Foray What does it mean?

  1. KarenInSacramento

    Apparently, I have always used this word the wrong way. I use it to mean “excursion” or “adventure.”

    To “foray into a new area of business” would appear to mean that someone has found a new source for or type of plunder. :0

  2. Karen Thanks for your replies to some of my blog posts. The foray one says that verturing into a new business is correct but not the original or primary meaning of the word.
    Do you have a word you want to write about? I welcome a guest blog post.