Blonde or blond — Which is it?

Is it blonde or blond? (No blonde jokes allowed) 

Recently, while doing a review edit of a friend’s book, the topic of how to use the word blonde (or blond) came up. After some research, here is what I found. In general, the word “blond” refers to the color, whether it is of hair, wood, or anything else. ”

Blonde,” however, refers only to a woman or a girl with blond hair. A man with blond hair is a blond (without the “e”), though. Confusing, huh? Some sources say “blond” is used when describing males or those of uncertain gender.

When you want to use the word as an adjective, it is more common to use “blond” for either males or females.

A historical note: “blond” is first found in English in 1481, It is derived from and Old French word, blund or blont. It is used to define any color midway between golden and light chestnut.

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