Colorado town nicknames

Colorado, like most states has many cities with unique nicknames.  Here are some of them.

Living in Loveland, Colorado, I am aware that many cities have nicknames. Traditionally, Loveland has been called the Sweetheart City.

To the north of Loveland is Fort Collins.   Some call it Fort Fun, and others say it is the Choice City.  In recent years, The Fort has been labeled as the Napa Valley for Beer.

I go to Berthoud, CO at least once a week.  It touts itself as The Garden Spot of Colorado. I did not know that Greeley has historically been Garden City of the West. Additionally, it seems Greeley is also called the City of Churches.   (I will skip any nicknames related to odors)

Anyone who has been in Colorado for a while knows that Boulder is commonly called The People’s Republic of Boulder or Berkeley of the Rockies.

Some cities and towns in Colorado have town nicknames that I never knew of.

For example, Colorado Springs is called the City of Millionaires, Little London and Newport in the Rockies.

Down south, Pueblo used to be the Steel City of the West.  It is known now as Pride City and Home of the Heroes for all the Medal of Honors winners from there.

Black Hawk and Central City – Black Hawk is labeled as City of Mills, and Central City is called the richest square mile on earth

A trivia fact is that Dear Trail is famous as the home of the world’s first rodeo.

Did you know the Celery Capital of the World is Arvada, Colorado?

Then there is Telluride—“to hell you ride.”

When I think of Aspen, I think of skiing (which I don’t do) and rich people (of which I am not one.)  I did not know Aspin is America’s Canary City.

Speaking of skiing, Ouray is called the Switzerland of America.

Most in Colorado have heard of Nederland.  They are known as the home of the frozen dead guy.  I have not made it to the Frozen Dead Guy Days in Nederland, yet.

Unrelated maybe, is the fact that Fruita is home of Mike the headless chicken.

Fairplay bills itself as the real South Park.

Eaton  (the Eaton Place restaurant is gone) is called the Garden of Eaton: Beef, Beets and Beans.

Ault, CO is very cleaver. It is  A Unique Little Town.

I will close with maybe my favorite.  Severance, CO  (home –again—of Bruce’s Bar) has a sign as you enter town with their tag line.  “Severance    Where the geese fly and the bulls cry”

Gotta love it!




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