A slew of sloughs

Slew is a word I had not heard for some time until it was used on a radio talk how I was listening to.

I remember using slew when I was younger in the Midwest United States.  We would have slew of baseball cards in our collection or a slew of night crawlers after a good rain.

The definition of slew is “a large amount.”  Yes, it is also the past tense of slay.

To confuse our youthful Iowa minds, there was another slew. More correctly, this one was spelled slough.  It was an area near the big Quaker Oats facility where some kids went fishing. I think  was a little area of water from the Cedar River.

This slough’s definition is “an inlet of a river.: It also means a place of deep mud or mire or a marsh.

So, we have slew and slough.  Isn’t English wonderful?


3 responses to “A slew of sloughs

  1. Used to visit Sough, UK on sales trips for Lucas Varity. If I recall, HP had a facility there too. Working class town with lousy pub food but you could get a decent curry.

  2. Almost forgot…the original British version of the TV series, The Office, was set in Slough. They made a reference to this in a Lost episode.

  3. Great photo! Remember “The Slough Boys” and their “hit” record….”Surfin’ on Cedar Lake”?