Junket — What is it?

Junket? Going on a junket is a term you hear when someone is going on a trip.  Are they using the word correctly?

Here are some definitions of the term junket:

Yes, a junket can be a trip or tour.  Usually there are some strings attached. This could be that the trip of is taken by a public official at the public’s expense.   Usually, these trips are to seek information—at least in theory.

It can also be a trip taken by a person who is the guest of a business seeking his/her favor.

Additionally, in a more casual manner, the junket might be a pleasure excursion include picnics or other outings.

Another lesser used definition of the word junket is a sweet, custard-like dessert. This treat is flavored with milk and rennet.

Rennet, for the uninformed—like me, is the lining membrane of the fourth stomach of a calf.  If it matters, the stomach  can belong to some other young animals.


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