Recluse or hermit

Recluse or hermit?   

Some people just don’t like to be around others.  So, are they a recluse?  What is the difference from that and a hermit?

A recluse

is someone who is sequestered.  They have retired from the world, or at least from public notice.  Most choose to have no part of society. Some, such as a monk, do this for religious reasons

This shunning of the public is usually voluntary.

The word recluse comes from the Latin word recludere.  The definition is to “shut up” or sequester.

A hermit

is  someone who usually live to some degree away from society and in seclusion. They tend to not like to socialize all the time. Makin friends or acquaintances is not to their liking.

They tend to move around a lot but are not socially inept.The word again comes from Latin.  The Latin word is eremita which means of the desert. A related word eremos means solitary.  There are some that think the reference is the fourth century Desert Fathers.


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