Serendipity — have you experienced it?

Serendipity is the word of the day

Serendipity means luck in making desirable discoveries by accident.  The accident is usually a happy one.  Some call it a pleasant surprise, like finding something good or useful while not specifically searching for it.

I had an example of this recently.  My blog about businesses coming and going on Loveland ( got a tip from a faithful reader about a new restaurant coming to downtown Loveland.

On a Friday, I called the Fort Collins location of this restaurant right before they closed to try to confirm that they were adding a Loveland location, and to get some details.

I have learned that calling a restaurant owner is tricky business. You want to catch them there but you sure don’t want to call at their busy time.  My call to the East Harmony location of Doug’s Day Diner found the owner unavailable since he was at Centennial, CO location.  I left my information and the  reason for my call with the nice (helpful) person who answered the phone.

Since this call took place on a Friday,  I waited for a callback but realized the owner is very busy. On the next Tuesday, I decided to call him in Fort Collins after the breakfast crowd was dwindling.

On that Tuesday morning, I started the day by stopping at the Daz Bog in Loveland that is located in Lincoln Place.  This is two doors away from the proposed location of Doug’s Day Diner.

I asked the person on duty if they know of a restaurant coming to the Lincoln Place complex. She did not, so I told her why I was asking.

Now, here is where the serendipity comes in. Not ten minutes after I settled in at a table with my decaf and laptop, the owner of Doug’s Day Diner came in for coffee and to check on his new location.

What are the odds?

I had a great chat with Doug Weckerly, and got more details on what he was proposing.  Subsequently, on my blog, I was able to be the first with “breaking news” about a new eatery in Downtown Loveland.

Have you experienced serendipity?


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