Arcane words by guest blogger Jerry Eckert

One of the joys of being a writer and a member of Northern Colorado Writers (NCW) is that I get to know lots of people who share a love of words.  Some write fiction, some non-fiction, some are into memoirs and others do middle grade or YA.

I saw this post on Facebook from one of those people mentioned above.  I see Jerry Eckert when he is in town at the NCW monthly coffee meetings and at the groups social events.

With Jerry’s permission here is what he wrote recently:

Every Word Has a Story

One of my favorite arcane words anchors a news release today. My someday-best-seller memoir uses the noun “expat.” We expatriates were a cozy little club of do-gooders, out to save the world while at the same time co-opted as unwitting pawns in the grand dance of the Cold War. Originally, however, the word was a verb, “to expatriate” (v. tr.) to legally remove the citizenship of an individual. Yesterday, Bahrain expatriated 31 people because Bahraini law gives their government that right. The fact that most of them led opposition political movements is irrelevant to my semantic musings here. Another similar noun that began as a verb is “outlaw,” which as the verb “to outlaw” meant to place someone outside the law, to remove the protections of the law from an individual. Anyone could then hunt them down, imprison them without trial, etc. So now you know. Cheers. Jerry Eckert



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