Bollards are no bull

Bollard is a word that came up at a meeting I attended recently.  A small utility building needed protection so it was not struck by cars.  The people in charge said it would  have bollards around it.

So, what is a bollard?


Originally, it was a short, thick post on the deck of a ship or on a wharf.  Ropes from the shop were tied to it.  These posts were normally made of iron or steel.

The ones I will be seeing around the building will be landlocked.  No ships or wharves involved. And, no ropes on them.    Just something very solid so if a car is out of control or skids on ice, it will stop before it makes contact with the building.




2 responses to “Bollards are no bull

  1. Nautical bollards are used for moorings. Much more common now is the traffic bollard found virtually everywhere these days.

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