Say what — How you say it depends where you live


Words are pronounced differently in different areas of the United States.

Thanks to for showing us how we as Americans pronounce or label a variety of words.

The map showing the words are here —

Being from Iowa originally, it was interesting to see how my upbringing influenced how I say some words.

I wish the list would have added

1. What do you call the person who carries out your groceries ? (bag boy, caddie, etc.)

2. What do you call the thing you carry groceries in? (bag or sack)

That words does your area of the country say differently than the rest?



2 responses to “Say what — How you say it depends where you live

  1. Wow, did not realize so many words were region-dependent! I’m with hoagies and sneakers, bein’ a south Jersey girl! 🙂

  2. In Iowa it’s subs and tennis shoes or gym shoes.