Restaurateur vs restauranteur

what_is_a_restaurateurRestaurateur is not a word I had typed before the other day.  I was doing a restaurant review for the Berthoud Weekly Surveyor. The word seemed to fit the person who owned the restaurant I was writing about.

I tried to spell it restauranteer  (like mouseketeer, maybe.)   Spellcheck did not like this so I was forced to Google the word.

There is a spelling close to the one I tried to use for this person I know who owns, runs and cooks at a Mexican eatery.  This word is restauranteur. Turns out this is not the preferred method of spelling the word. There should be no N in it.

The term I was wanting is restaurateur.   This is a  person who opens and runs restaurants professionally.  This person is usually highly skilled and proficient in all aspects of the restaurant business.  Sometimes it is used for anyone who owns an eating establishment.

The French word restaurateur comes from the late Latin term restaurator—meaning restorer.

The first known use of restaurateur is in 1796.


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