Clean bill of health


In the last two, weeks, I have had an annual visit to my family doctor and my cardiologist.  Funny how that works, as you get older.

In both visits, I was told everything is fine.  I remember when this used to happen, someone would say, “I got a clean bill of health.”

The term means exactly that — an assurance that someone is healthy. It can also apply a business after they are checked out.

Long ago, the clean bill of health was a taken more literally.  It meant a certificate from the proper authority that a ship is free from infection.  All the crew of the ship were in good health , in other words.

Wikipedia describes a clean bill of health as:

A bill of health is a document issued by the consul or the public authorities of the port which a ship sails from, descriptive of the health of the port at the time of the vessel’s clearance. A clean bill of health certifies that at the date of its issue no infectious disease was known to exist either in the port or its neighborhood. A suspected or touched bill of health reports that rumors were in circulation that an infectious disease had appeared but that the rumor had not been confirmed by any known cases. A foul bill of health or the absence of a clean bill of health implies that the place the vessel cleared from was infected with a contagious disease. The two latter cases would render the vessel liable to quarantine.


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  1. You never cease to amaze me with the tidbits you find, Bob. 🙂