Crow hop — how do you do it?

Crow_hop_definitionCrow hop is a new term to me.

I was doing and interview for an article for Berthoud Weekly Surveyor newspaper. It was about a new craft brewery in Loveland, CO called Crow Hop Brewing Company.

Being a curious sort of guy, I asked one of the young owners about the business name.   He said there are two different takes on the term crow hop.

First, according to Dustin Kennard–one of the owners, the crow is the most intelligent bird.  As we all know, hops is used in the making of beers.   The two words were combined and show up in the company logo.

The second meaning of crow hop is that it is a baseball term according the Kennard.  This was new to me.

A crow hop is a small jump in the air that helps a thrower gain momentum and gather himself to make the strongest, fastest and most accurate throw possible. It applies to both fly balls and ground balls.

Now you can do a crow hop.




One response to “Crow hop — how do you do it?

  1. I am glad to know this tidbit! Must say, Crow Hop’s beer is very nice; their IPA has a nice finish, their Brown is smooth, and their Red is very interesting. Glad to have another craft brewery in town!