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A foul fowl?

foul_vs_fowlEnglish words can be confusing.  Maybe sound the same but have different spellings. These words are called homophones.

One of the people on my writers’ critique group shared a homophone story regarding her eight-year-old daughter.

Here is what the mom said about the incident with her young daughter:

She played her recorder for talent show tryouts today. I asked her how it went, and she said she had some foul notes. I asked her if she knew what foul meant. She said she kinda did, so I told her the word actually has a few meanings. I said it could be “fowl” meaning bird. It could mean something that stank or was rotting, and it is also what you call a ball that is hit out of bounds in baseball. She thought about it, and told me that some of her notes went out of bounds. Hahahaha!

I publish lots of things that are from the internet, but I especially like this one since I know both of the people involved.

What homophones give you trouble?