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Scuffin — never heard of it

suffin 1scuffin 2



Scuffin?  Now there is a word I have never seen or heard–that is only a recent trip to California when I saw—and tasted—a scuffin in a coffee shop.

We were visiting relatives, and one of our day trip took us to Novato, California.  This city has a wonderful downtown area with shops, restaurants, and at least one coffee shop.

We stopped off at Dr. Insomniac’s Coffee and Teas for a quiet place to catch up with one of my wife’s relatives.  The shop’s display case contained many pastries including something called a scuffin.

When I got back to Colorado, I researched this unique treat.

The scuffin is part scone and part muffin.  The hybrid pastry has an arid crumb-like texture of a scone but has the shape of a muffin, and is made in a muffin tin.

The website called it a frankenpastry — part scone, part muffin and, like a doughnut, filled with jam.

I had the pumpkin and cream cheese variety.

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Anglophone — what is it?

anglophone_definitionAnglophone.  Is this some kind of new “smart phone.”     I wasn’t sure of this word with I saw it in print recently.  From the context it was use in, I could tell it was not something you would speak into.

My research shows that an anglophone is–an English-speaking person, especially a native English speaker.

I also learned about the anglosphere.  This is  a word for the neologism that refers to a  group of of English-speaking nations with a similar cultural heritage–based upon populations originating from the nations of the British Isles, England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland.