Scuffin — never heard of it

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Scuffin?  Now there is a word I have never seen or heard–that is only a recent trip to California when I saw—and tasted—a scuffin in a coffee shop.

We were visiting relatives, and one of our day trip took us to Novato, California.  This city has a wonderful downtown area with shops, restaurants, and at least one coffee shop.

We stopped off at Dr. Insomniac’s Coffee and Teas for a quiet place to catch up with one of my wife’s relatives.  The shop’s display case contained many pastries including something called a scuffin.

When I got back to Colorado, I researched this unique treat.

The scuffin is part scone and part muffin.  The hybrid pastry has an arid crumb-like texture of a scone but has the shape of a muffin, and is made in a muffin tin.

The website called it a frankenpastry — part scone, part muffin and, like a doughnut, filled with jam.

I had the pumpkin and cream cheese variety.

HERE IS WHAT THE DR. INSOMNIAC’S website says about scuffins:

The “Scuffin(c)”  The Best Part of a Scone and the Best Part of a Muffin.”  Part Scone Part Muffin Completely Delicious!

This long time favorite has put smiles on our guests faces for over ten years.  Made in house from scratch using all natural ingredients and NO trans fats and baked all day long in our in-house kitchen.  Often times our shop will be filled with the aroma of fresh baked goodies being  taken out of the oven waiting to be served fresh and warm.

We have many flavors to choose from and have new combinations often.  Some of our most popular flavors include: Blueberry & Cream Cheese, Strawberry & Blueberry, Blackberry & Almonds, Blackberry & Peach, Blackberry & Strawberry, Pumpkin & Cream Cheese, Chocolate Chip.

Are there scuffins available in your area?


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