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Hyperlapse — have you seen it?

hyperlapse_definitionHyperlapse video

You may not know the term but I bet you have seen this type of video.  It also goes by the names  walklapse, spacelapse, stop-motion time-lapse, motion timelapse and  moving timelapse.

This type of video is an exposure technique in time-lapse photography.   What is unique about hyperlapse videos is that the position of the camera is being changed between each exposure.

American filmmaker Dan Eckert coined the term hyperlapse.

Before a label was created, the technique itself can be traced back Guy Roland. He invented the technique in 1986, experimenting with a Super8 mm film camera. Roland compressed imagery by lining up objects and filming them one frame at a time. He gradually changed his vantage point between each photo.

Here is what has to say on the topic:

Time lapse photography is something that has been around for a long time. Traditionally however it requires you to have a tripod and the ability to stand still for hours on end.

Now, however, things have changed thanks to Instagram and its clever Hyperlapse app. The application lets you capture time lapse videos while you walk about, using a clever algorithm that will stitch all the images together and remove as much judder as possible.

Unlike Instagram, which is a social network, Hyperlapse is more of a photographic tool. Videos can of course be shared to Instagram, but hyperlapse exists as a separate application altogether.

I was surprised that hypelapse is not a video. It is a quick series of photos.

Check out Youtube for examples of hyperlapse and how to do it.


Bibulous definition

Bibulous  Now that is a word that I have never heard before.

As usual, I always look for different words as I read blogs, articles, etc.  I hear many on the podcasts I listen to.

In researching the fact that the inventor of the Pet Rock, Gary Dahl, died recently, one website had an interesting phrase.

In detailing how Dahl came up with the idea of the Pet Rock, the site stated that it all happened in a bar in a “flash of bibulous inspiration.”

Bibulous means excessively fond of drinking alcohol.  Additional definitions include absorbent or spongy.

Origin   1665-1665-Latin bibulus (bib (ere) to drink (cognate with Sanskrit píbati(he) drinks) + -ulus ulous )

Montebank — do you know one?

montebank definition


Mountebank is a word that I have never encountered.  I read the word recently, and thought I should investigate it.

Mountebank definition –

a person who sells quack medicines from a platform or a a boastful unscrupulous pretender.  This person may even be labeled a charlatan.
Origin of mountebank  — Italian montimbanco, from montare to mount + in in, on + banco, bancabench    It was first used in 1577.

Synonoms for mountebank:    phony, fraud, imposter, trickster, hoaxer

When thinking of this term, the 1970s craze of the pet rock came to mind.  Some might say that Gary Dahl, the inventor of this toy was a charlatan.  I disagree.  In my mind he was a marketing genius.  I must admit to falling for this crazy fad at the time.

By the way, Dahl died on March 23 of this year.