Technology fading away


Technology really isn’t fading way but some applications maybe be subject to fading.


I recently came across the word blogfade or blog fade, if you prefer.

Blogfade occurs when a person sets up a blog and starts posting to it, only to abandon or forget about it later.  Neglecting a blog can be causes by many factors including losing your initial enthusiasm, realizing it is a lot of work, etc.  Sometimes blogs fade because the person responsible for it on an organization leaves.

Closely related to blogfade is podcast fade.  The concept is the same. Someone starts a podcasts, putting up new episodes on a regular and consistent basis.  Again, for whatever reason, they stop doing this.



4 responses to “Technology fading away

  1. Where do you find all these new words? Your site always seems to have a ton of them. (Personally, I like scruffin.)

    Anyway, blogfade is an interesting word, although I don’t think it really applies to me. I love my blog. Just wish I could persuade a couple of million people to feel the same way about it. Is readerfade a word, I wonder?

  2. Maybe we should start a movement to encourage the use of readerfade. What is your blog, by the way. And where are you located.
    I find my words by reading a lot, listening to podcasts (NPR is great for using new words) Also, I just listen to people talk.

    On the topic of NPR, do you listen to A Way with Words? It’s on the radio and on podcast. They talk for an hour each time about word origins.

    Thanks again for your interest in my blog.

  3. That’s an idea. I’ve always liked the idea of “doing a Shakespeare”! I’ll bet it’s very hard to get a new word out of the brain and into a dictionary, though. I can’t help thinking it’s about 99.99% down to luck.

    Incidentally, thanks for the tip about A Way with Words. I occasionally listen to the podcast versions of the Diane Rehm Show and Wait, Wait Don’t Tell Me, but haven’t listened to that NPR show before, so I’ll look out for it.

    Thanks too for the interest in my blog. It’s at and is mostly comprises short, humorous essays on things like sheep, photographs and concrete. Making concrete amusing was not easy, and I had to spend the next three days in bed trying to recover.

  4. Glad you liked A Way With Words. They have a Facebook and Twitter page too. Always glad to help out a fellow word nerd.