About me

Bob McDonnell   Renaissance man

I call myself renaissance man because of my diverse, even eclectic background.  My career spans more than 40 years with experience ranging from high-tech (Hewlett-Packard) to nonprofit (United Way) to higher education (CollegeAmerica). Now I am a freelance writer living in Loveland, CO.  

I am open to any work in regard to articles, columns, book reviews, restaurant reviews, newsletter articles, etc. 

I have always loved words–both spoken and written.  In the past, I have been a Toastmaster for more than 17 years, giving speeches at meetings and to the public.

Reading has always been an interest of mine.  Right now, I have three library cards with an eye on a couple more. One of my “jobs” now is writing every week for the Berthoud (CO) Surveyor newspaper.  I do features, columns, opinion pieces and report on meetings.   My work has also appeared in the Loveland (CO) Reporter-Herald and the Cedar Rapids (IA) Gazette.

Additionally, I have written restaurant reviews for the Homesteader-Northern Colorado edition and published newsletter articles in the Sage (District 26 Toastmaster) publication.

Reviewing books is a new activity for me. I can usually get them printed in a local paper and/or on a bookselling web site. 

Here are some books I have reviewed:

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