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Barbara Naslund      Love your blog, thanks for giving me a laugh. Much needed!

Dirk Roeleveld located in Cape Town, South Africa   Quite enjoy reading your blog!

Carlos Santos, Internet Professional from Portugal–comment about my blog.

It’s outstanding., I really liked it.  It’s lite, fresh and lots of fun. Congratulations!
I’ve added you to my favorite rss feeds and I’ll certainly keep an eye on your posts from now on.

Leonard McDonnell (not related) from Melbourne, Australia

Loved your redundant words Bob.

Dee Valdez  I always enjoy your writing.  Such a light and fun style.

Esmaa Self   What a fun blog. Thanks.

Mark Franey   Reno, NV  I enjoyed reading your blog.  I was searching LinkedIn for a friend of mine and your info popped up.   I decided to check out your blog and I am glad I did.  I am a bit of a “word merchant” and enjoyed your insight on the use and misuse of words and your list of oxymorons.

Carole Cross   I love your writing! Great blog! Thanks

Steve Breitman  Lafayette, CO    I like your humor. Keep it up.

 Joshua Cumrine, Financial Advisor, Johnstown, CO   I have read your articles and your blog before. I love them! I love the way you think, which is a lot like the way I think.


Marian l. Maggi, CRB, CRS,e-Pro  RE/MAX Town & Country

Forgive me for not contacting you sooner, but we all were so pleased with the article you wrote about Yousaf’s quest and determination to run Kwik Korner.  His ultimate goal is to own the business and real estate, and I’ll bet he’ll get it done.

We have had so many favorable comments from folks who saw the article, and can’t thank you enough for the wonderful job that you did on it.

Glad that you write for the Surveyor!

Mary Barron, Assistant Principal at Turner Middle School
I just wanted to write and say thank you for such a nicely written article in Thursday’s Berthoud Surveyor.
It was a pleasure to read – the office secretary took the liberty of blowing it up to poster-size and plastering it on my office door.
It was fun!
Michele Jurs  BA, CNA Director of Business Development

I wanted to thank you for writing a wonderful article for us on the Be Close Monitoring system and Nurse Next Door.   We will follow-up the article with some advertising in the future.  Once again thank you.

Brian Schwartz, CEO and author , 50 Interviews, Inc.  Fort Collins, CO

Bob’s abilities are top-notch when it comes to editing and writing reviews for books. His contribution made for a significant improvement to 50 Interviews : Entrepreneurs and I look forward to working with him on further upcoming titles. I highly recommend Bob for any author looking for editing work, a synopsis, or a review.”

Eric Jensen, Author of Forever and a Day  Fort Collins, CO

I thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping ensure that this story of one Colorado family’s struggle for survival during World War II receives the attention it deserves.

Jerry Swanson, Realtor at Group Real Estate  Loveland, Colorado

Bob is a creative and personable and competent writer and speaker and editor. He is also able to create marketing information for promoting events or businesses. He is dependable and reliable and fun.

Donna Justus, Fireside Café at Group Publishing 

Thank you for a great article about me and the Fireside Café.  You always do such a great job on your writing..  I love reading your articles.

Debbie Bender, All-Star Gym

Thanks for the great job you did on the article in the Surveyor, it was well done and really represented the gym and myself well!  You are awesome.

Russ Hopkins, KIVA Records

Thank you so much for the article by Bob McDonnell in your paper 12/12/07 about our new CD Moon Dreaming.  The response was fantastic.

Terry Alves, Azevedo’s Culinary Creations  Berthoud, CO

Thank you for the ever so much for the article written by Bob McDonnell on Cooking up Business in the June 25, 2008 Berthoud Surveyor.

This will definitely help my business in Berthoud.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you

Teri Johnson  Director, McCarty-Fickel House in Berthoud

I really enjoyed the article you wrote about me. Thank you!!!!

Roger Bates. Loveland and Berthoud, CO

Thank you again for your plug on the person profile, the article was very nice.  Also please convey my thanks to Bob for the article and to Becky for the okay.

Bill McCreary, Thompson R2-J School Board President  Loveland, CO    (on an article about drug dogs at Berthoud High School)

Thanks for the forward (of the article) Bob. And thanks for the positive spin on a story that could easily be sensationalized to the negative.

Terry Bundrage, DaddyO’s Green Onion restaurant review   Loveland, CO

Terry Brundage called to say that he waited on a customer the day after our Dining Guide came out and she said she was a first time customer… and she came to Daddy O’s because she read about it in the Surveyor!  He’s very pleased.  Good work Bob!

Dan Logue  Berthoud, CO

Thanks so much for the Surveyor article, well done, it made my family beam… which is worth its weight in gold.  I appreciate your time, your thoughts and especially your words.

Hugh Curley, Motivational Speaker  Berthoud, CO

Thank you for the excellent article you wrote on me for the Berthoud Surveyor. I thought it was great.

Rebecah Propst, Author (commenting on the article when she appeared on television in New York)

Your article was phenomenal!  And it made the front page!  I love the fact you didn’t write the same thing everyone else has written ad nauseum—and all your facts are correct.

Again, thanks for the article.

(On reviewing Propst’s book)  His well-written review of my book was insightful and accurate.”

Scott Byorum, Author of The A.M. God    Windsor, CA

When I learned that Bob did book reviews and was a writer, I approached him for a professional and honest assessment of my first published book, The A.M. God. What struck me most about Bob was his genuineness. He treated me with great respect and professionalism and in a manner that made me feel like his colleague, though he has vastly more experience than I do. I felt his review of my book was candid, constructive, and conveyed accurately the value of it to those who might be interested in the writing style and subject matter. I got the impression that Bob has an open mind and enjoyed taking on the project to stimulate his own growth. If and when I publish another book, I will definitely seek out his opinion again. Thank you, Bob!”

Eric Mott, Author of We Met at Starbucks  Littleton, CO

“My wife and I asked Bob to review our book, We Met at Starbucks, which he graciously agreed to do. His write-up was thoughtful and thorough. We could tell that he read our story with care. listened to the message it contained, and appraised it with insight. He takes his craft as seriously as he did our little book.

Gina Beck, author Campion,  CO

Thank you for the great article that you wrote about me and my book “The Secret Barn Door”.  The pictures turned out beautiful!  Piccolo thanks you, too, for the nice picture.

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