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Ambient — It’s everywhere

Ambient is the word up for discussion today.


One of the main uses of this word that I have heard is ambient temperature. But, it seems there are other meanings too.

The context in which I heard it used means “of the surrounding area or environment.”  Another definition is “existing on all sides.”  This could relate to temperature.  Also, if you have a tape recorder on a table, it will pick up ambient sounds.  There can also be ambient light in a room too.

Ambient, in a general way can mean surrounding or encompassing.

A lesser known definition is “pertaining to sounds that create a peaceful/relaxed atmosphere.”  I think “white noise” may fall in this category

Lastly, there is a definition that I never heard of.  It states that the word ambient can mean “pertaining to close and constant social contact/communications.”

The derivation of the word is Latin:  ambient-, ambiens, present participle of ambire to go around, from ambi- + ire to go.