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Consanguinity — close enough

sanguinity_definitionConsanguinity is a new word for me.  I was scanning a website where it was mentioned relating to membership in a group.  This is a military veterans group and it is not only for veterans, but those with consanguinity.  The site says eligibility to the group is for veterans along with spouses of veterans or related to a veteran within two degrees of consanguinity.

The general definition of consanguinity is a family relationship through parentage or decent.  It also means a blood relative, close relationship or connection.

The first usage of consanguinity is in the 14th century.  It comes from “com” meaning together combined with “sanguineus” which means of or pertaining to blood.

Way back when, laws in many areas used the degrees of consanguinity to prohibit sexual relations and marriages. It also was used to determine whether a person was eligible to inherit property when someone died without a will.