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Brogans — what are they?

Brogan is kind of a funny word. I never heard the term until I enlisted
in the Air Force.  When we were being issued our clothing, the pile included two sets of brogans. Trivia note: The dress shoes worn with our blue formal uniform were called low quarters.  The military used funny words.

For the uninitiated, a brogan is a thick, heavy shoe that usually covers
the ankle.  In Iowa, we called this a boot.  Go figure.

In basic training, we were required to alternate between the two pairs
every day. On Sunday, wear pair one, Monday switch to pair two, and so on.

The good news is that the boots had a day to dry out or air out between
uses.  The bad news for us was that we had two pair of shoes to polish.

How do you tell the pairs of black leather apart? The clever minds in the
military solved that by having us cut notch in the heels of one pair.

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