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Cage-free eggs?



Reading a breakfast menu at a restaurant in Fort Collins yesterday cracked me up. (Sorry, had to do a pun) My wife and I were eating at a long-standing, mostly vegetarian, used-to-be hippie place near Colorado State University. They have moved over the years, upgraded the décor, and expanded the menu some. I like the place.

We hadn’t been there for quite a while, and the menu looked like it has been revamped. The menu term that caught my eye right away was “cage free” eggs. (It was cage free on one page and Cage Free on the next—sans hyphen in both cases) I have heard of free-range chickens, but I did not know that eggs were being subjected to incarceration. Much to my surprise, a Google search of “cage-free eggs” yielded 325,000 hits. Who knew?

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