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Carat or karat What’s the diff

Definition of carat and karat

Most of us guys done have a clue when it comes to buying jewelry as a gift for someone. Sooner or later, someone in your life will put a “BSO” (bright shiny object) on his or her wish list.

Here is some information to help when you make that visit foreign territory known as the jewelry store. It has to do with the difference between the terms carat and karat. Both are relevant, and they are different.

Let’s start with carat with a “c.” A carat (abbreviation ct.) is a weight measurement for precious gemstones, especially diamonds. Many people think the carat refers to the size of the gemstones. That is not complete the case. The carat is a measurement of weight or mass. So, it makes sense that a larger stone would weigh more, thus having more carats. While the weight does affect the size of the gemstones, the carat, along with the purity of the gemstone is what determines the price of the precious stones.

The carat became legal standard for gold on April 1, 1914.

For those who like numbers, a carat is a unit of weight for precious stones, equaling 200 milligrams. To put this in perspective, to have one pound you would need 453 grams, or 453,000 milligrams. Another example is that a person weighing 170 pounds would weigh 385,050-carats.

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