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Planking Do you do it?

Planking? I am always the last to know about a new fad, I guess. This fad is an activity consisting of rigidly lying face down in an unusual or incongruous location.

Proper technique dictates that the hands must touch the sides of the body.  Extra credit is given for picking an original location to plank on.  And of course, you
must have someone take your picture as you plank.  I guess this begs the question, if one planks in the forest, and now one is around, is it really planking?

One is imitating  wooden plank—get it?

Sometimes planking is called the lying down game.    How original!

The origins of the act of planking is in dispute. Gary Clarkson and Christian Langdon claim they came up with the idea in 1997.  Tom Green, the comedian, says he invented the sport (?) in 1994.

I’ll just stick to tried-and-true couch surfing.

There is a  Facebook page dedicated to planking.  You  can even buy a planking t-shirt, although this is not required to do the  act.

The planker in the pictures is my nephew Dante.

Also, there is a  website for planking also.