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Arcades and high schools

Arcades and high schools?  Yes, if you are talking  about the high school I attended.

Last week, I was back in Cedar Rapids, Iowa to visit family, friends and former
classmates.   On one of the days, my wife and I drove around some of the old familiar places in town.

On the way to see my Grandma’s old house (we lived in the basement when first married), we went by my old high school.  George Washington High, to be exact.

So, back to the arcade.  One of the features of good old WHS was the arcade. No, not the video game type!   Actually, I am so old that there were no video games (not even Pong) at that time.)

There are two definitions for arcade:

One is a business or area that contains games, both mechanical and electric.   People hang out there and feed quarters into the machines to play the games.

The other definition of arcade is an architectural one.   An arcade can be a series of arches supported by columns/pillars or a  covered passageway.

The way WHS was built, the main group of buildings is separated from the area that contains, or at least did contain, the music and drama area.  A second story link connected the two units.   In this link were a hallway and classrooms.

The area beneath the arcade was a good covered area for dropping off or picking up students.  This was especially helpful in an Iowa snowstorm.

This area was also a great place for the local hot rods to show off.  Parking under the arcade was interesting.  The pavement under the car and the cement
roof made for a great place to check out the deep rumble of a car’s glass pack

Ahhh, memories.