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Haboob — What the heck is it?




Watch out for the haoob

I always look for unusual words when I am reading.  I also keep my ears open when I listen to talk radio or podcasts.

The other day, I saw a report about the recent six/seven feet of snow that got dumped on New York and the surrounding areas.

The report referred to the storm as a haboob.  Now there is a term that is new to me.

In my research, here is what I found for definitions of haboob.

The word “haboob” originated in the Arabic language.  The Arabic word, habb means “wind.”

It is a wall of dust resulting from a mircoburst or downburst of air.  The air forced downward is pushed forward by the front of a thunderstorm cell. This drags dust and debris with it as it moves along the ground.

Now you have a better understanding of the word haboob.