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Mascots–gotta love em

Mascot names fascinate me.  High schools get so creative with their use.  My prior posts on this topic have received many hits, so I think I am not alone.  See Mascot names—the wacky, wimpy and weird, Mascot Names—What were they thinking and Mascot names with an agricultural bent.

Here are some new ones:

In the “this is too clever” department, we have the Cairo, GA (pronounced ka-row like the syrup) Syrupmakers.

The cuteness meter pegged out when I saw the Harper Woods, MI Regina Saddelites. Since this school looks to be an all-girl’s Catholic institution, maybe they should have been called the side-saddlelites. Further investigation shows the school emblem is a pair of saddle shoes.   (The swim team even has a logo of saddle-shoe swim fins.)  Ok, I get it!

Can you stand one more? Venice, CA has the Gondoliers as their team mascot. The school motto is “Rowing, not drifting.”  Maybe I should have attended there.  I did lots of drifting in high school.

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