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Funny word definitions

Funny definitions for words.  Here is a touch of humor with words for you. 

adult — A person who has stopped growing up and starts growing out.

relief — What trees do in the Spring

teenager — One whose hang-ups do not include clothes.

optimist — A person who smells smoke and gets out the marshmallows.

artery — art supply shop

committee — A body that keeps minutes and wastes hours.

auctioneer — A person who looks forbidding.

balderdash — rapid hair loss

dogmatic — pulled by Huskies

fibula — Small lie

pulpit – blender setting

Neologisms abound

Neologism?  Yes — that is a new word meaning, usage or phrase.  In some cases, a neologism is a common word with a new and humorous meaning.

The Washington Post newspaper recently had quite a list of these funny definitions.

Here are a few examples from their article:

  • coffee  — a person who is coughed on
  • cabbage patch  —  a patch for those trying to stop eating cabbage
  • discussion —  a Frisbee-related head injury
  • population —  the nice feeling you get when drinking soda

Be sure to check out the full Washington Post article for some others.  I liked racket, gargoyle and flabbergasted too.

Do you have any to add?