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Oxymorons–a few of my favorite

Oxymoron Flickr WordRidden

Flicrk Wordridden

Oxymoron?  Do you know what or who this is?  Will it’s not an imbecile from a place called Oxy.  Actually, it means contradictory terms that are combined.   Old standbys include jumbo shrimp, airline food (remember that?), military intelligence and postal service.  

A couple that may hit close to you are home office and working vacation. Interesting concepts that are becoming more popular.  Some who don’t work at a home office may be in an industrial park.  

How many times has someone asked you for an exact estimate or a detailed summary?  What a challenge. 

I think it is funny when they call the dump (post on euphemisms to appear soon) a sanitary landfill.  The ones I have seen don’t look all that sanitary.  

An oxymoron that has always puzzled me is the phrase legally drunk.  I guess this is as opposed to illegally drunk.  Try that argument on the police officer next time you are stopped. 

I am not a golfer, but the term metal wood seems odd.  So do some of the clothes golfers wear, but they are not oxymorons. 

Lastly, many senators and representatives in our government make lots of political promises. I’ll let you decide if these promises are classified as an oxymoron.

 I know there are tons more, so act naturally and send me an original copy of your favorites.

 (A reply to this blog will also work)