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Lugubrious —doesn’t make me sad

definition_lugubriousLugubrious is a word that I don’t use every day–or every few days.

So, why do I bring it up today?

Last night, my wife and I phoned our two granddaughters.  As usual, we asked what they were eating for dinner and how school and other activities were going.

When we asked the older one about her spelling words, and any word that was challenging, she said LUGUBRIOUS.

On, did I mention that she is in the second grade?

Impressive–Maybe there is hope for some good spellers in the future.

Lugubrious (an adjective) means:

extremely mournful, dismal, gloomy, sad–sometimes in an exaggerated or ludicrous degree.

Origin:  1595–1605;  < Latin lūgubri ( s ) mournful (akin to lūgēre  to mourn)