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Acrost or across — how to you get there?

acrost vs across





Is it Acrost or across?

Each part of the United States has some sort of accent along with terms unique to their area. I grew up in Iowa, living there for 18 years, but we do not have much of an accent.

There are some words that we mispronounce or at least say differently than the rest of the world.  One that my wife (a Coloradoan) corrects me on is “acrost.”   Apparently, the word is across. As in across the street not acrost the street.

Now, thanks to the Iowan.com blog, I know why I say speak this way.  The Iowan calls it speaking Iowish.   I like being an Iowishman better than my late father-in-law’s term Iowweigen.

The Iowan website says using acrost is more common in speech than in writing.  I agree.  It goes on to say that  gramaphobia.com cites the Dictionary of American Regional English in reporting that a 1759 Massachusetts document contained the sentence “Ye enemy fird at our men a Crost ye River.”

At any rate, I am trying to speak proper English and say across instead of acrost.

Next time, this Iowishman will look at the word “wash.”   It seems there in no R in it. Hmmm.