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Mad-libs on steroids

Most people remember the old mad-libs game we played as kids.  (I suppose now it is an app you can buy and play electronically)  That is what I call the recent exercise we did at the monthly Northern Colorado Writers coffee. 

Before each monthly meeting, we network before sitting down to share any questions, challenges, successes or writing-related topics we want to discuss.

To get started Kerrie Flanagan, Director of Northern Colorado Writers,  does some kind of question for us.  At the last meeting, we did something different.  Kerrie had each of us (11 in total) write a random opening line for a book or story.  That done, we folded the paper so our line did not show.  It was handed to the person next to us.  He or she added a line that related to the first.  That person then folded the paper so only their line showed.  It was passed and each person in succession wrote based only on the one line that was written before them.

What a blast.  Kerrie posted some of the resulting stories on NCW’s blog site called The Writing Bug

See the  impromptu stories that amazingly made some sense.