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New words in the dictionary

I like dictionaries. I even resort to using a dusty hard-back version at times, but love the online resources too. I am pleased to see that the Loveland Rotary Club still gives free dictionaries to every third-grader in the school district each year. The funds for this come from the Rotary’s annual duck race. That reminds me, I need to take my tickets out of my wallet for this year’s event. I guess I can assume I did not win any of the great prizes. (Some third-grader can thank me for my donation, I guess)

Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate® Dictionary adds new words to their extensive dictionary each year. You can keep up with trends by some of the words they find have made their way into mainstream speech and writing. This year is no exception. Here are some that were recently added:

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List of words for things you didn’t know had names

flirkr Xurbie

I read many blogs about words.   One that I look at consistently  is http://tg-editor-proofreader.blogspot.com/ by Tom Gillipspie. 
In a recent post, he has a website link for labels for things you didn’t know had a name.  

The source is the Merriam-Webster web site.


Lots of fun new labels for you to use to impress your friends.  I did know at least one.  The aglet that is the piece on the ends of shoelaces.

 I love learning new words, don’t you?