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Use the right term

word-switchingWhile reading things on the internet, I have discovered some word oddities.  Actually, by odd, I mean they are using the wrong words.  In the two cases I will cite here, they used actual words that sound like the word they wanted.

Does anyone know what the name for this phenomenon is?  The closest I can come is that of the mondegreen.  I did a wordsbybob blog post on mondegreens earlier in this blog.

Example 1:   Someone said they felt like “crawling up in a ball.” They clearly meant curling up in a ball.

Example 2:  Another person said while commenting on the good effort of someone that they did “an admiral” job.  I am ninety-nine percent sure they really wanted to say admirable.  No offense to anyone who served in the Navy!

My guess, and it is only a guess, is that these people are not great readers.  They have probably heard these terms–or misheard them.