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A door is a door is a what?


by Bob McDonnell

Funny signs make me laugh. It seems they are everywhere if we just look around. I have been in Walgreens hundreds of times. One of my most recent visits to the one in west Loveland made me stop in my tracks. Over by the photo center was door. Presumably, it was a door to a storage space or work area. I know it was not a door to the outside.

Anyway, the sign over the door said NO ENTRY OR EXIT. Hmmm. I guess I don’t know why they put this hole it the wall then. If it said employees only, or not an exit, I would have been okay. Saying it is not an entrance baffled me, since there was no way for me (or anyone else) to use it from the outside. Moreover, isn’t it an entrance for the people who went into it. I don’t think they had any other way out.

I haven’t had time to see if the other Walgreen’s in town have the same sign.

Does yours?

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