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Otterocity — Do you have it?

Otterocity?   This is a term I never heard before I met author Tim Northburg.  Tim is an author and fellow member of Northern Colorado Writers.

Actually, the new word was created for Tim’s latest novel. (See below)

Below is what time has to say about otterocity:

OTTEROCITY:  (Otter + ocity)  You can’t find it in a dictionary but its meaning is a mixture of things.  If you take velocity times electricity, and mix it with generosity and creativity, then infuse that to a joyful spirit, you get Otterocity.  Taken literally, ocity means “quality of.”  Therefore, Otterocity is having or displaying a disposition or quality of an otter. However, Otterocity is more than a play on words.  Otterocity is a way of acting, thinking, and being that brings balance to your life and focuses your energy in a positive way to help you become a better person.  Otterocity is all about showing or possessing the qualities of otters, to bring a joyful spirit to your life, in everything you do.

Learn more at:  http://www.Otterocity.com

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