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Nursing homes What’s in a name?

“Skilled nursing facility”.  I saw these words the other day on a sign at a local nursing home.  I said to myself, “I sure hope the nurses are skilled.”  Since I was all alone, then I said to myself, “Who are you talking to?” 

Let me say right at the start, that this facility and others in town are great. I am glad they exist, and I know those who work there are very dedicated to what they do and to the care their patients.  (And they are have patience)

Anyway—I found it interesting that they would have to say skilled since I think most or all nurses are trained and skilled.   In doing some research in the internet, I found that “skilled nursing facility” is the new term for nursing homes as they used to be called.  Before that, I think they were labeled as old folk’s homes or rest home—yikes!

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