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Loveland has cachet

What is a cachet?

Loveland, Colorado is known as the Sweetheart City.  Valentine’s Day is a big deal here.

For the uninitiated, there has been a valentine’s remailing program in Loveland for more than six decades. People from all over the United States and other countries send their valentines to Loveland to be stamped and sent on to the recipients.  The Loveland Chamber of Commerce coordinates this program, and others related to Loveland and Valentine’s Day.

Other activities in the Sweetheart City include names of a high school young lady to be Miss Loveland Valentine, and represent the city throughout the years.

Starting in late January, large red wooden hearts are placed on light poles on major roads in town.  The Rotary Club coordinates this effort and uses it as a fundraiser.  For a fee, anyone can have white letters placed on a heart to show their love for a person or organization.

Back to the remailing program, there is more involved.  Each year artists submit designs for an official Loveland valentine, while other talented folks pen verses for the inside of the card, and to be stamped on the envelopes of Valentines that go through Loveland. This stamping is called a cachet.

Recently, as I was reviewing some of the designs and words for this year’s Valentine’s Day festivities, someone asked me what a cachet is.

By the way, cachet can be pronounced ka-shey or, kash-ey

Here is what I found.   There are a few definitions listed including ones that say a cachet is an official seal on a letter or document and a design or inscription on an envelope to commemorate a postal or philatelic event.  Similarly, another definition said cachet is a motto or slogan included in a postal cancellation.

There is an alternative definition of cachet too.  It can be a general distinguishing mark or feature or a sign or expression of approval.  This holds true especially for a person with a great deal of prestige.

My friends also mentioned that they thought a cachet could be something you put in a drawer of clothing to make items smell good.  Not so fast.

That is a sachet. (sa-shey)  This sachet is usually a small bag, case or pad filled with perfumed power.

For more information on remailing Valentines, go to the Loveland, CO Chamber of Commerce site.