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Flexitarian – do you know one?

I had not heard the term flexitarian until my daughter-in-law mentioned it in a Facebook post. She was referencing the fact that her husband, my son, is a flexitarian.

Way back in 2003, the American Dialect Society voted the word flexitarian as the year’s most useful word. The group defined it as “a vegetarian who occasionally eats meat.” That would be my son. I know some of the wise guys who read this and make funny comments (keep them coming) probably thought a flexitarian was someone who can bend over and touch his or her toes. The term semi-vegetarianism is another term used to describe diets that are basically vegetarian-based with the inclusion of occasional meat products. Occasionally is a vague term, but there seems to be no set number applied to this.

Here is the entire list of people who eat a little or no meat:

Flexitarians are omnivore who mostly eat a plant-based diet but also eat animal meat occasionally.

Pollotarians eat chicken or other poultry and sometimes fish. They do not eat meat from mammals. They usually adopt this diet for environmental or food justice reasons.

Pescetarians will eat fish or other seafood, but not poultry or red meat from mammals.

Pesce-pollotarians eat only “white meat” such as poultry and fish. They do not eat “red meat” from mammals. Some exceptions are made for non-mammal red meat poultry from ostrich, emu or rheas.

• A macrobiotic diet is plant-based, and may or may not include the occasional fish or other seafood.

• Last but not least is the vegan. They omit all animal products from the diet.