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What is a quick serve restaurant?

quick_serve_restaurantQuick serve restaurant

This term has cropped up on some of the reality restaurant shows I have been watching.

The quick serve restaurant is known for fast, efficient, take-out-ready foods at affordable prices. Some people use the term in place of the older term of fast food. Quick-service restaurants are often chains.

To confuse the issue, there is also a category of restaurant called fast, casual dining.  Here are some distinctions of the fast casual eating experience.

  • The prices are little higher. (from $7-$15 for a meal, depending on the location)
  • The food is perceived to be higher quality–steak may be on the menu.
  • The food is sometimes perceived to be healthier—and may include organic food.
  • The food is sometimes made fresh, sometimes right in front of you.
  • The ambiance and decor are nicer.
  • Some even use  non-plastic utensils and plates.
  • Alcohol may be served.
  • You still purchase your food at the counter and then seat yourself.