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Change, alter or amend? You decide

change by caveChange, alter or amend?

Which word is best? Well it depends on what you are trying to convey.

At first blush (and why do we say first blush) the terms are the same or at least very similar.

  • Change

    This means to make something different from what is. Also different from what if would be left alone.

  • Alter

    To modify or adjust something. To change its size style or shape.

  • Amend

    Most people think amend means the same as the two phrases above. HOWEVER, it means to change for the better, remove, or correct faults.

    Ok, here is your reward for reading this far. There is another word in this grouping. That is revise. It seems it only applies to something written or printed.

     Now you know when to use the right word at the right time.